to learn

things i wanna know more about [define: can talk for 15 min+ abour with key terms and processes]

  • plumbing // simple installations of sinks and toilets + how it gets you houses, etc
  • electrical // what’s involved with installing lights, how dimmer’s work, basic voltage/current/etc knowlege, what’s going on when installing sub, grounding, etc
  • construction // latest in building technologies/materials [like spider insulation], how water + electricity + power all get branched smaller and to neighborhoods
  • piloting a plane
  • sailing // terms, knots, etc. maybe even cartography
  • current events
  • sports // historical people, highlights, how conferences & leagues work
  • guns // more than just diff of rifle / shotgun, types and mechanisms
  • music // understanding of keys and manipulations
  • tutorials // illustrator + photoshop [meshing, quicker cropping or not using tons of clipping masks in AI, better at layers]
  • sketching // …

a lot of stuff i feel like is experimental b/c you have a basic knowlege and can learn from mistakes [building stuff, taking apart some things, etc]. that’s what i learn from doing it.

but there’s some stuff that having a conceptual idea of what is really going on [knwoing to have a ground, understanding plumbing regulations and building codes, etc] helps a lot. we might have a foundation of intuitiveness for some skills, but some things must be learned before you can be creative.



  1. things i have learned about:

    peter pan author JM BARRIE–being a guy who was traumatized by his brother’s death at a young age and his mom immortalizing that innocence, and he never really grew up [stunted his growth; called psychogenic dwarfism]

    there’s these lightning bugs that are synchronized all over a region — thousands of miles of area. crazy.

    from tedtalks – a glass shape you blow into and depending on the reaction of the bees you can tell things like pregnancy or cancer or other things. toootally natural tests with no “technology”; although technology has always been all around us.

    candles that tell time based on the scent they produce [burn time: lean over and light next candle in sequence of time — each candle = an hour]

    e-ink: seen on magazine “esquire” – crazy cool chip that’s very thin. It’s pretty simple…a small circuit board with six button cell batteries on it. Then there are the two displays. Esquire says the batteries should last 90 days or more and that life can be extended by storing the magazine somewhere cold, like the refrigerator or freezer. 🙂

    lots of other stuff i’ll remember…

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