so, this page is gonna be sort of an ongoing journal that relates more to thoughts on life/relationships/ my activities. i figure i’ll keep it up till end of school and have a pretty good reference for those crazy college days. i’ma talk about my friends and thoughts and god, and you can comment. but only if it’s a good one.

i thought i could post stuff to this page, but apparently i just have to add. huh.

welp, 9-2-08

thought about how there’s beauty in mystery (magic tricks, going to disney world and totally believing everything, having imaginations that don’t line up with physics) and also in knowledge (knowing how stuff works and operates, and how disney runs, and behind the scense).

to me, i think that’s what heaven will be like. earth is great and it is bound with the laws of physics set up in it from the beginning. there aren’t really exceptions cuz if it’s not proven it probably means we just cant figure out yet. but thats the beauty of science is that it’s a science. its testable, sometimes predictable, and mostly explanable, in a broad sense. but in heaven, i feel like it’ll be opposite. the beauty is in the impossible, inexplanable. i can fly, and i dont understand why, but i can. if i think it it could happen. so maybe that’s a cool picture: instead of clouds and white and gold and un-exciting looking singing, maybe it’s just earth, minus the laws of physics. plus, it says in revelation there’ll be (there’ll?) a new heaven and a new earth. so maybe this one will just just cleaned up (except maybe keep some of the sweet buildings…:)) and we can hang out in both and be in teh very neighborhood we grew up, only this time we’d be flying.

just a thought.

oh, also i read a verse this morning that said: ” and his speech was like butter”. uhhnnn. like buuda.

ps. 54:21 i think

k new post manually since i cant do it with this thing


soooo my pseudo (?)-journal. well. friday went to vball game (theyre pretty much even more fun than football games (at least the entire 3 hours acc georgia tech this season games) but football is still the greatest sport in the world. k, after that i forgot what we did but i think just hang out. oh and i got a chalk bag from rei. sweet.

saturday = as usual, sturday morning breakfast (since i live above ccf i started a bring your own cereal or w/e outside and eat on picnic tables sat monrning. its been later and later every time, this past one was at 11:30). i made some eggs and grits and tim brought some juice and stuff. k then flag football game with the ccf boys – won – close though; then locs luna (really nice re-design — its on amsterdam off monroe near peidmont park–amsterdam is a cool place cuz you can see the skyline but its a neat closed in area. i liked the waterfall stone feature at the front and all the tropical plants outside and there was a wall with plexi frsoted stuff glued on rocks and bamboo sticking up the entire height of the wall stuck in those green foamy things. if that makes sense. anyway, good atmosphere

sunday = church at southwest. zaxbys after. vball game again. went to apple at lenox and got my ipod fixed so i can run now. now im wokring on studio/researching/blogging/learning how to play colbie caillat on the guitar. k see ya around



  1. i could post it. this isnt a comment, it’s an addition

  2. boys.
    soooo preface = i really like activites and stuff that’s usually associated with boys [sports- watching and playing, outdoor stuff with water sports and more extreme ones, building stuff, taking stuff apart, blowing up stuff, experimenting] and i feel like they typically do cooler stuff and know about a lot. not that girls don’t, but in general i feel like this is true. buuut i think i’ve been lucky to find girls in HS and here that are down to earth and not emotional in a bad way, and who play sports not games, and who are just real fun to hang out with/talk to. so i gues if you’re a girl but do some cool stuff and are interested in a lot of stuff, it’s almost better cuz it’s more rare seeming. plus you don’t have to be as weighted with competition/having to provide for family/thinking about sex all the time. so i like being around guys and cool girls, but being a girl. which is a big step to say cuz i feel like guys are generally better at pretty much everything–besides birthing or w/e. plus, if you can have fun doing “guy” stuff, and have the servant/nurture attitude sometimes and be a lower maintenance girl, i feel like you have pretty good of both worlds cuz there definitly is “girl” stuff that is awesome/needed

  3. that was the preface.
    branching off of that i’ve been thinking a little about my group of guys and just stuff with that and some of my girls and i talked about it lately. we’re still trying to figure out what’s the line with personality versus inherent qualities of a friend. some of our guy friends are super nice but not in a pansy way, they’re just genuinely thoughtful guys you know? and then there’s guys that are suyper sarcastic and funny and playful or w/e…not “nice” i guess, but they help you if you ask em i guess. thing is, i guess maturity or somethign happens when guys become still themselves, but just mroe aware i guess? im not trying to change anyone, but i feel like the guys can step it up in the “good friend” department. i mean they are leaders whether they know it or not, and being semi-chivalrous and stuff is a good thing to work on. i don’t wanna go arroudn correcting, but i do think ppl influence each other and should be intentional about it. i’d love if they said stuff to us like “hey maybe y’all shoudln’t do that” or “when you guys say stuff about w/e, it kinda makes us feel weird.” or something. but i feel like they don’t really see much slash wouldn’t wanna tell us. but w/e, id rather be a nagging friend than wife. [but i don’t think this is nagging]
    cuz these boys are all probably someone’s future husband. and i feel like everything you do now in some way affects the future, so why not take the time you’re in for preparation you know?
    no such thing as an isolated event.
    i’m not trying to harp on marriage, but i know it’s probable for a lot of us, and i also know its scary as hell as far as what ppl view it as and how unsacred its become. so when you have guy friends i feel like its good to kinda prepare em i guess for stuff that’ll come later. they don’t have friends that are girls as much, and they don’t have some of their guys [ps, thats why you should marry your best friend slash someone whos semi-goofy cuz when the guy isn’t getting his guy time, it’s good to do stuff like water balloon fights or going paintballing or w/e together, cuz he does still have a w/e down there].
    i mean a lot can be swept over as easy when you’re really in love and doin nice stuff is easy, but later in marriage when it’s not that easy, its good to have had practice in just being a good friend [meaning noticing and helping ppl out when you do or don’t want to]. that’s all i’m sayin. preparing for friendships i guess.

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