SOooo. tomorrow. big two one.

what to do. welp, here’s my plan:

monday–so tuesday @ 12am –> go to luckie (?) for my first drink of martini, shaken not stirred [for sure, it’s been planned for 11 years] with a few girls

tuesday night –>

@7// Carolyn’s wing place [classy :)–w/e its america] for dinner and whiskey+coke (?)

@8// sundial restaurant w/ the parents for champagne (momosa?) 

@10-11// maybe pillow fight or camping or painting party or w/e

sweet. spread it out–not every night and not a lot in each night. 

stay tuned for my thoughts in context of drinking/etc in the comment below….



  1. i’ll upload my thing on alcohol education i learned from some stude friends later

    everything in moderation right? i mean, first of all, it is about maturity and all that and i didn’t just not drink till now for the law cuz i do speed and roll ppl or w/e, but i think it is an important one for me//i just wouldn’t feel good doing earlier. plus, jesus definitely enjoyed him some wine. but now::21. so does that mean i wanna get schmwasted? nope. i’m not looking down on ppl who do or like to or w/e, and i’m sure there are plenty of situations that earlier or in the future i’d want to. but i’m just logically trying to nail down how i feel about it

    the motive is a good gauge–are you really trying to get drunk to have a good story or hook up with someone you like or don’t and blame it on being drunk, or do crazy shit or w/e? i don’t know, i just see that as kinda lame or as a crutch. i think it should ENHANCE your experience and not hinder it (then or LATER). so my own goal ==> to learn a lot about alcohol and be “skilled” in making and knowing about it, but not letting it determine how much fun i’d have, you know?

    plus, there’s something in corinthians or somewhere that basically says that a lot of stuff is permissible or ok to do, but you gotta think about the CONTEXT. obviously, you’re free to do w/e you want, even in christianity, but there’s an umbrella of wanting to do beneficial stuff, almost BECAUSE you don’t have to. anyway, the passage talks about meat and how back in that day pagans would sacrifice animals after they did stuff with them (…) or thought they were holy or w/e…and some of them converted to Christianity and they didn’t like eating meat because it reminded them of their past rituals. Paul’s talking to the church and he’s like, yo, it’s not that meat in itself is bad. don’t look at the object, look at the context [kinda like in ID!!/design!!]. if this guy’s struggling with it, don’t cook a fillet in front of him. if someone’s dealing with alcoholism, don’t flaunt it you know? not that it itself, but it’s how you USE it.

    good parallel for things in design // actions in life.

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