Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | May 23, 2009

Fluid Form Cell Phone Project

In studio [the other one was from Materials] we’re doing fluid form designs

Fluidity is basically in contrast to just blobjects and things of organic nature but withour stringint rules, intentions, and geometries. It’s really all about the sublty even in defining the radius of every curve and concavity. We played with SolidWorks in getting very defined and specific and comparing results quicker than with modeling.

We made a few iterations in automotive clay, and then for the final did a clay, white [out of ciba-tool — dense foam harder than sine foam], and solidworks model. All had to be within 1 mm of each other in accuracy. whoa. a little frusteration and a few weekends of all nighters, and this is what i have:

1 = burning the styrene to get the cruved shape [iteration #1]

2 = before putting clay on styrene [with other clay models and latex mold results]

3 = playing with the rubber oppurtunties and proving the inversion idea of my phone

4 = with solidworks print ou and closed form model

5 = in paint room with parts

6 = closed with solidworks print out

7 = half open [for answering phone] [both flipped out = texting] — 3 form possibilities

8 = all open

geometries on closed form = 1/4 circle with arc to edges, one bigger for hierarchy of opening the top one first for just answering a call. also, flat surface on outside but when opened to full form, “draft” / thicnkess is varied and softened for a curved outline on the inside the phone. may look like a chinese throwing star a bit 🙂


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