Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | March 5, 2009

think outta the box!!

studio = workin on taking an inspiration [mine’s la case dei bolidi by massimo iosa ghini

[wordpress can’t upload pics yet…? but]

its a cool museum building paying tribute to ferrari. i liked the digitally created ribbon-like structures that wrap it loosely around the inside. we have to take something distilled from that and create a square block in SolidWorks and make contours or different lofted surfaces to make something new. its hard for me to abstract from just doing ribbons [even vertical ones] or anything wrapping. i got tons of synonyms for wrapping and stuff but it’s loosely and not suffocating or anything. anyway, i started doing a grid system for the dimensions of the slants of ribbon roofs, but i was missing the point of poetry and ribbon. 

we gotta make “heaps of iterations” for tuesday, so i’ma work on it some more and sketch it out. hopefully pics will work to be uploaded later.

–what am i wrapping? what is freely flowing ribbon remind me of? how do you have protection but still be in something open?


materials = taking a song and pulling out emotions/etc and then getting materials that explain some of it or relate to the music/lyrical quality. i’m doing it’s all coming back to me now – celine dion. and it’s kinda tough cuz at first i went with diagramming the musical intensity of it–graphing it as time passed with high lines for intense and flat ones for softness. what material is soft and strong? [spiderwebs?] and i can’t bring in golden silk just cuz it’s celine. 

with our song we have to later 3D print something that is dynamic and moves and preferrably plays the song [mp3 guts maybe]. and then we gotta show what it might look like in 100 years [4D]. i’m thinking of stuff like pictures that get fogged or torn and then magnetically come back together or something–i wanna use the drama of the music to match the object–timer? also, i’m trying to figure out if to go with the musical/lyrical quality of passion and soft or to go with the theme of reminisce and nostalgia. maybe the object fogs [dry ice?…:)] and then when she “remembers” it clears up? or it inks footprint things and although it comes off of the pictures, there are still traces. 

lots of concepts but i gotta dive into a few and pan em out. off to work and sketch!


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