Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | January 5, 2009

better blog / etc

so for one: random but necessary thought. they need to make spray/air fresheners in the bathroom SILENT. they’re so loud! it sounds like a huge fan or air compressor. thing is, if people hear that noise, they know what’s up.



second thing is to program a better website for a small group blog thing. not wordpress. my book club thing isn’t working so well b/c even though ppl are responding and stuff–i’ve organized it in pages so i can keep books / songs / life / etc separate, but now you have to just comment continuously and scroll forever. whereas with posts you see most recent – which is good – but not organization aside from tags.

i was thinking of a coded, interactive blog that has categories and tabs like a notebook and then the category name is in the middle of a cork board looking thing that has slightly titled sticky notes or papers showing ppl’s thoughts on them [like a mac pages template]. then as it filled up the screen would auto-resize/shrink, until a certain point [scrolling would become  necessary]. but it would look smaller till you scrolled over a note and then read it along WITH the comments [not seen on main screen so it’s not cluttered]. you could even go far with webbing or linking related notes so you can duo-comment or reference. 

k cool i’ll get on coding that.



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