Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | January 2, 2009

notebook ideas + book club update

well, i think i’ll forever be battling the best way to get thoughts down in a synced and organized way.

usually i’m good at writing things down when i think of them, which is half the battle, but the other part seems uphill. my “writing things down” categories range from movie/book/song to look up or watch, and idea of something, a quote, something to do in the future, something to do soon, a thought to expand on later, etc etc.

i’m going to make a notebook with tabs like “life thoughts” “for later” , etc. the things to do need to be put directly into my phone so i’ll remember, but that gets tricky b/c you need to know before it happens as well as when it happens [i usually set a reminder a few days before]. basically, a to DO and a DUE. but that’s another calender type issue.

another problem is that while writing things down is a good habit, and while i hope paper never fully loses its value to digital, there’s a gap between what’s written and what’s saved.  

i have journals that i wouldn’t ever type up and replace with word documents, but there’s a huge value in having something editable and savable and portable. so–maybe a correlating digital notebook with the same tabs that you can update/sync manually.

or, you could say/read your notes [further imprinting them in your mind which is the best place to have them] and then the voice-writing software adds them to your digital notebook. you could program saying “under ‘books'” to know where to put your recorded thought.

book club = now has a website []. we’ll see how it goes. some good stuff on there though.




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