Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | December 31, 2008

book club + howstuff works

book club

welp, thanks to one of my fun-loving/thinking friends, i’ve decided to start a book club. really a thinking + discussion forum, but it stems from a book club i guess. basically just pondering, asking, talking & listening.

quotes, lyrics, current events, debates, etc. i lately just had an even higher distaste for lukewarm-ness and stag…nicity [?]. i’m so glad for my [few 😦 ] thinking friends. just somewhere to bounce ideas off and share good stuff we found.

since i don’t really know what this blog is for right now [it was required for class, but now i’m out of class…but appreciate the habit], i might include some stuff here. i think this blog is really for me to archive thoughts but also to make it public to hopefully get other people thinking or enjoying. kinda selfish, really, but i guess in a positive-effect way.



with design being the main objective of this site so far, i’d like to include highlights of cool things i’ve seen [parallels with the book club idea] to expand the focus from school projects. design is of course in all of this, but it’s just a broader scope.

here’s some recent stuff i learned from this amazing website:


there’s steam ones now that are fairly expensive & through tests make a slight difference in cleanliness of dishes, BUT it’s cool that it can only use water & no chemicals. there’s also steaming floor cleaners that apparently actually work with grout.

also, if you have a portable dishwasher, you just hook up the drain and the input water hoses into a tube thing that goes on your kitchen sink faucet! plus, you plug it in [needs 120 volts] to an outlet. kinda cool.

there’s direct-drive & reversible motors; both having pumps going to spinning arms inside or to drain hose. direct-drive [mounted horizontal] uses a solonoid to open or close the valve going up to the arms. reversible [mounted vertical] depends on the horizontal rotation of motor, and while both pumps are running, one has no effect based on the motor’s spinning direction. kinda cool/simple mechanism concepts that could be used for other stuff.

Also, Josephine Cochrane invented the modern dishwasher because she hated her china getting chipped. Her invention debuted at the 1893 Chicago World Fair. The company she founded eventually became KitchenAid.

 YOU CAN COOK IN THE DISHWASHER bc of the heat. there’s a recipe for salmon cooked in foil on top rack of d-washer []

 **Maybe look into commercial dishwasher mechanisms because everything [seals, gaskets, hose, sprayers] are all heavy duty for extreme use. But I just want the speed, not the duty or the sterilization [use higher temperatures + chlorine possibly].

Make my own.

 cool tools


 it also listed 10 sweet tools, & a lot of them gt id has or is near them. pretty cool, with w/e might be lacking from the department, i’m sure grateful for stuff we do have :).

  1. A revolving waterslide [k maybe we don't have that--but lazy river + slide @ crc? close...]
  2. The ZPrinter 450 [3d printer]
  3. SolidWorks [it can simultaneously comparing different design alternatives]
  4. Fluke multimeter
  5. InfiniVision MSO7104A Oscilloscope 
  6. VersaLASER VLS3.50 
  7. The Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill 
  8. PS-900 Soldering System
  9. Kalamazoo cold saw can make a great cut that's free of burrs. The saw uses circular high speed steel blades up to 14 inches in diameter which can be set to spin at either 26 or 52 revolutions 
  10. The Millermatic Mig can weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum with a wire speed between 50 to 700 inches per minute


Also, one article talked about how cars might be partially or completly [?] assembled with glue one day. not too sure about that, even if its super strong, but we’ll see.


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