Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | December 30, 2008


one thing with wordpress, i like the new format, but i think while it’s organized and clean it might not be the best in heirarchy.

the main thing i wanna do is to POST NEW or to manage stuff. the summary/dashboard type thing in the beginning is good, but the side bar with posting new hidden under blog stats and comments and even readomattic seems poorly placed. [tests i learned from user interface design class would be see what top tasks are and order website accordingly–use intuitive symbols and categories…etc]

anyway, just noticing things like i’m supposed to i guess. gift & curse.


Also, at this place i’m working at, i’m the operator so i put people through to the extension they need. there’s a list of numbers [in paper] of employees alphabetical by first name.

One problem is not knowing who’s out in advance so I don’t put people through if they ask if they’re in. I have no way of seeing everyone come in or at their cubicle, so I don’t know who’s in. Maybe if there was software that people clocked in on their computer [existing] and it continually updated a block list of employees color-coded by if they’re at work yet.

A subset color could show if they’re at their desk or not within being at work, or if in meeting. this could be annoying if they have to manually update [which they wouldn’t], but maybe an RFID or sensor thing could help. That might be diving too into details and losing track of intent. The main thing is just to know they’re there for the day. That way when I see the digital list of extensions, I’ll know who’s out & if ppl wanted to just leave vmail or go to another person.

simplest solution: [existing hard copy of extensions] just add clock-in network to reception computer.

best: take time to digitize copy of extensions and use simple program that works with clock in software to refresh and color code names. not too bad.

complex: use the sensor to have updates of where the person is. little too intense i think 🙂


Other thing is, if someone calls & the person they need isn’t picking up or is out, I wanna send them to someone else in their department, but there’s only a small list with departments. I might attempt to research it & make a new one but I’m only here 2 more days. Still.



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