Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | December 30, 2008

product revisions

tide2go pen :: Just spilled some food on my shirt, that’s of course white, so I’m using my trusty tide pen. only thing is, though it does a good job because of the inside solution, the mechanics are not quite there. how can it be just as simple/cheap to make & operate while still changing it?

the problem lies in the fact that when you scrub the area & push down, you’re also enaging the solution to come out. sometimes you just want to use friction & elbow greese without more of the stuff.

i guess just adding an abrasion material to the base of the pen would help so you could flip it over…but that’s just adding. maybe there’s a button to release the fluid–but again, isn’t that just adding.

maybe the beauty’s in the combination mechanism. i just hate wasting it b/c there’s like 4 bucks



clothes :: oh clothes. well, more particularly with active/sports clothes, but everyday wear is mentioned too.

i, for one, don’t really buy a lot of clothes and try not to get too much into fashion just because of a lack of budget & desire for simplicity. the main thing is fit–i re-sewed some old t-shirts that i didn’t wear just because they were baggy and i didn’t feel great in them. now i wear them a lot. so here’s a few problems/solutions for common clothes problems [mostly for girls with form-fitting but not tight issues]

the problem areas are from stomach to crotch i guess, with things like always wanting a flat stomach & never wanting the camel toe. specifically with sports, here’s some things also:

  • when running, the constant moving makes the longish shirt you chose come up. i tried pinning and velcroing the shirt, and maybe a refined way is easier, but maybe a static spray or something easy to put on clothes / at least running clothes? i hate pulling it down every 10 minutes–running’s hard in itself; clothes shouldn’t get in the way
  • the pants. this goes with normal too, but with active bottoms i always pull the waist up a little to have it hit under the bellybutton cuz if it’s under, it’s tight right below and makes the stomach not look flat. even being thin, there is usually and maybe hopefully a little layer of insulation. anyway, it’d be nice if pants had a little extra just in the front [high in the back is weird] and not on the sides. when you start cutting into the sides [having material high in front and on sides] it just makes more bumbs. tricky right.

tricky cylce: you work out cuz you wanna look better in clothes, which means you won’t think you look good in work out ones usually, and the people that do don’t really need to workout as much or have clothes be easier to wear….

for everyday wear

  • the pants thing–low rise, but with an extra thing. one pair of pants i had had elastic inside that you could adjust to tigher position with buttons. that’s good cuz after you eat or at the end of teh day when it stretched you may want adjustability
  • stupid belt/long shirt dilemma. a lot of pants need/are expected to be used with belts. however, with longer shirts or any that go over the belt–it looks weird. maybe just using belts like hook on and aren’t bulky–but why is there even a belt on the front? maybe to the side like some ppl wear should be made or the top button of pants shouldn’t be center. some other way–cuz also the little bit of material above the button can poke out under shirts and is strange. little things make a difference.

that’s basically all i have so far…which is a lot…but just trying to get it all down so maybe i can think of solutions. simple improvements in the way clothes are made can make a big difference–and isn’t it time we re-looked at the FUNCTION of clothes; not just the fashion?


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