Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | December 21, 2008

product design critique in daily life

car: should be SOME simple redesign with INTENT to dashboard in cars. it kills me when i see hte nicest. thought-out, engineeered/innovative car with just nice leather or cool fonts on the same basic layout for dashboards. i know you can’t change some things, for a reason probably, but a few could thought about. LIIIIKE—the window wiper–decide if its better to twist or pull down. research most function mapping/intuitive/common–or be bold and change it but only so its so intuitive it jumps the non-familiar gap. anyway, thought about that when it rained today. gesture mapping?? something. 

hospital layouts: i went to one the other day and it had concierge real big and also registration. i figured registration, but i saw countless people do some double-takes and pause while i was waiting. no heirarchy/clarity. with questions that might be general or confused questions. also their handles in teh bathroom–to lock, there was a piece of metal on a pivot that swung down on top and then you lifted it [little piece of metal, fine motor skills…lots of old ppl in hospitals?? or ppl with hurt parts] to upright — that was up against the inner wall of the stall; so there was wear on the paint of that wall from it hitting it. DID THEY THINK ABOUT IT SLASH TEST IT AT AAAAALL? funny how once you notice things, they can piss you off when people make mistakes that have ALREADY BEEN SOLVED you know?

wedding program: just in thinking about does every little thing need ot be on there? in one way yes, cuz i get bored and i make little notches in the paper [that most ppl throw away—] for where we are in the service. but maybe there’s a crazy simple way you can keep track, maybe with sliding pieces or folding or something and maybe you just have a shorter wedding service. annnd none of that let’s hold hands while they play a song, and people keep looking between the two events, knowing nothing is changing…and your hands probably sweat. just saying.

kitchen sink: i’m sure there’s a lot to do with that as far as it has to be a holding place for the dishes on their journey to to d washer [ideally you skip the middle man and put it right in, unless it’s full. but habit more often is to put in sink–unnecessary step most times]. but at least there could be thought in the side that isn’t disposable to have some visual of literally or metaphorically saying “don’t put food here” cuz it’ll get clogged. th two holes look so similar it actually un-facilitates [not a word] important decisions. even if it’s your house, why does left side mean food? arbitrary. i guess they have those higher up sides for some sinks–but why higher up? you need less room? maybe you just need a little room to scrape off the food and then the rest of the sink is a big basin — with another one just in case…? i don’t know. need to develop.

hospital papers: or just paperwork in general–i know some stuff is legal and based on completely dumb or completely necessary lawsuits, protection, etc. but there seems to be a heck of a lot of repetition in these places. the front desk nurse gets you to fill stuff out, and maybe some of that can be transferred/filled in pother places or something, and then the other nurse brings you in to ask more questions [come completely unrelated but they “have to ask” [side note: a lot of times they don’t believe you with the no sexual activity question, esp if your mom’s in the room..?]. also, i guess the time in between nurse and doctor is for him to grap that folder thing she wrote in and put outside the door [maybe there’s a faster way there too], and brushes up his lingo to make sure he says the right thing. but he still asks the same questions again, and sometimes i forget the little things i needed to remember cuz i just told them to one of the other 3 people..? i just think there may be a system or something to help paperwork in general not be so copious or repeated. but maybe that’s just a dream out of reality. oh well.


just some thoughts i wrote down and wanted to digitiiiize

get ready for christmas!! [if you buy from qvc i’ll be pissed—and so will the person probably…:]


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