Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | December 14, 2008

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so, dear wordpress, i haven’t been here in a while. just wanted to update–review went ok, funny stories with stealing, replacing, getting permission, and re-getting a polic barricade to use for the bike lock rack thing. got some good feedback mixed with a little dumb feedback [what if you lose your key?…]

for the break gonna work on portfolio and really looking at polishing/evaluating past projects & stuff.

leanred a HEEECCCKKK of a lot this semester, had a great teacher, great ppl in the stuido, learned from outside and inside the studio, honed skills, realized how much more honing i need, and had great conversations

wonderful semester, and hopefully new zealand will teach me a lot too

if its too easy over there, me and gray and allison will rock it up and push ourselves and give a good rep to tech, and if its hard we’ll get up to the challenge. either way, even if it’s not as good or different or w/e, we can adapt and push ourselves form our own motives and become better. plus, we’ll be adventurizing like mad.

sweet. till next time


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