Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | November 25, 2008


Friday – worked pretty well–we got the sine foam milled out to fit the wire rope, and Lori had painted started the acrylic key. megan said the library does rent vid cameras out on weekends, and she’d being her schwinn to the commercail [on sunday]. we mocked out the commercial again and FIGURED OUT our mechanical model fo sho–simplifiled and i think it’ll work!! 1:2 scale of the looks-like model

Sat – did some mock-ups for the board / graphics. going with a simple, professional, but fun colored board. talking about how to best use powerpoint for the preez. [having pictures show up diff times, etc] WITHOUT making it look like powerpoint or anything out of a pc…

Sun – lori finished the key [acrylic for the bottle opener part + sine foam with the logo in black rubber for the grip] i need her pictures!! i think they’re on her wordpress..

met my group peeps at the crc lot to film the commercial. Funny how every detail is a decision, even ones you thought wouldn’t be [which direciont they’re wlaking from, what inflection of voice to use when the people talk in it…etc] but it was good. our group has good decisions. That was fun and the 2 guys were great and i was gald it was cloudy. we took a couple shots of each scene. I rode a Schwinn voyager and it was like the Cadillac (?) of bikes. I rode around a lot.

Then we as a group went to work on our model bandsawed some stuff out. We worked till like 6 when the shop closed. have most of the looks-like done

monday – i was m.i.a…. but the girls dipped the looks like into the rubber plastic twice and said a third time should do the trick [its still drying]. they also  drew to scale the mecahnical and i’m gonna laser cut the sheets out–gotta go reserve a spot on the laser cutter. damn architects–jk! k i’ll update again soon*!





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