Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | November 20, 2008

schedule of events — progress

we met today and talked about the sample sine foam megan milled out to fit the wire rope that came in from McMasterCarr. We really wrestled with the works-like mechanical part b/c we  dont wanna make teh looks like until we’ve nailed donw how it locks b/c it affects how it looks.

after talking to trip and showing our past / internet research, we sketched around and decided on a lock thats similar to how those huge umbrellas over tables work. we’re using a tapered ball-like shape on teh end of a leaf spring [basically a triabgle-shaped material with natual bounce in it] that will comress with teh force of locking adn poke through the hole it finds. anyone can lock this, but only the key will push the pice that pulls the ball shape down and lets the lock open.

confused? lori’s hw is sketching it out so we’ll have that soon. mine is to work with acrylic and the herat gun to make some leaf springs + see how far we can bend the wrire rope.


@ 11 = buy material : acrylic : from shop, for lock leaf spring & key itself.

bend rope to appropriate angle (it’ll stay that way w/ sine foam cavities at corners]

L & C = laser cut key shape. [later = spray with metallic paint] while M mills out final shape with angles we decided on

@ 1 = keep working, hopefully get look-slike + key done. sand / dip in plastic rubber and paint if time.

take a break to talk about commercial [posted] that we’re shooting on SUNDAY.

also, make progress on board and updating p-book. we’ll see how much we get done…


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