Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | November 14, 2008

etc thoughts while walking, unrelated to this project. [or is it?…]

everything’s connected in some way right? something you learn way “un” related to something else could help you. there is no such thing as an isolated event–especially with actions because things you do now can and will affect SOMEthing later. even in the smallest of ways. so live in the now but think about the future.

but also–i was thinking as i was walking about how in everything you can learn something. however little or seemingly useless. thing is, i know that if i did a 10-month study on how concrete relates to food selection or how worms react with economic changes or w/e–i WOULD learn something, even if it was that the thigns don’t relate. the wya i researched, the people i talked to, the way my schedule changed; in all of that i learned something. buuuut—just saying that isn’t enough because the practical side of me asks “what does that reeeeally mean? do whatever and cop-op with “i learned something”?”. [lots of punctuation there, and about to be here –> :)]. so – i guess it comes down to efficiency of research. just as in idea generation and model making and life, there are always better ways to doing things. maybe you won’t / can’t find the absolute optimal way to do it, but as in limits/math, you can approach it.

isn’t that the point of id? not to achieve perfection, but to strive for it? chances are we can’t solve world hunger and other things, but we can TRY. we can affect it in a good way, cuz:

“we’re not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don’t do”  + “design like you give a damn

–>responsibilty, etc. “great power…great responsibility” spiderman stuff. [whether we’re given/forced with responsibility (like gladiator/braveheart/etc) or we choose it (being an industrial designer, becoming a doctor, etc)]

but anyway, you can go further with that too; efficiency. basically its a graph of how much work produces the best result. if you can think productively/creatively, you can produce the same thing in less time than if you dilly-daddled and had a whole mess of shananagans (?) and weren’t focused.

>>but then again, you could’ve learned something from that…BUT it wouldn’t be AS much as if you had gotten it done. we definitly learn stuff from mistakes, but the whole reason we call them mistakes is that they’re not what we planned/saw as desirable to happen. STRIVE for perfection but UNDERSTAND reality. i wouldn’t say EXPECT them, but be aware and don’t freak out when they happen

so it’s all about how you measure the results i guess. and that’s objective and subjective.


thought #2 — i was eating a really delish sandwich walking up to the library near hinman, and there’s that spot where it smells like the bottom of a sewer. i stopped eating when i walked “through” it cuz it would’ve negatively affected my food experience. so–in my head, i thought about experiences and how we try to create/improve experiences. in EVERYTHING [products, promotion, awareness, relationships, restaurants, traveling, buildings, etc]. sometimes its just changing it up so we notice things ==> thinking ==> experience. it can be as subtle/simple as the fad of using all lower case letters in things or as big as an upside down house that’s right side up inside [gatlinburg…:)]. it can be provocative and sometimes too much [makes you look, but not a good feeling after].

but, a lot is about the experience. but, i was thinking how experiences POINT to something. it points on a big scale to our view on things/life. if this experience is positive, it makes me appreciate blank and glad that blank.

for some people, its all about getting a great experience [can mean good or bad] from a lot of stuff [school, job, journies, sex, etc] in life, and then i guess dying. or being re-incarnated…to do it all again? so the goal is the most experiences? the joy is in the journey, but the destination is unknown.

some people suffer bad experiences for soley the idea of a great destination. some religions offer the idea of a great place later in exchange for a “worse” than the rest of the world’s experience now. [religious = being rigorous about something, and believing that in doing it it will give merit for something greater than you]

for me, it’s bigger, and the experience points to a grand scheme. it’s not about merit, but it is about wanting to try. the joy is in the journey + destination. but more on that later.

just thoughts


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