Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | November 14, 2008

bike research progress

b4 i get into that:

i can’t find any stats/stuff on the internet about how walking has increased because of the ipod [2 disparate things that are totally connected – more nowso]. strange. i definitly walk more and have started to more b/c of the ipod. not because of a huge marketing campaign to walk or huge posters showing ppl walking with the white earbuds [even though i’m sure i’m getting subliminal messages whether i notice them or not]. but they’re connected now way more.

ok—so i’m in the back room thing in studio with the boards all around and the tables in the middle. pinning up helps–and having a checklist and pinning up what’s done next to each item on it is good. also, i’ll brainstorm/thought throw up and then go back and highlight/combine stuff and re-write it. i’m gonna go sketch–ZOOMED out from the facebook app’n / detector idea we had. common factor/driver == socialness. as close or loosely linked to it as it needs to be. sweet, more later


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