Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | November 10, 2008

thoughts about ours—

on ours – community catalyst: we noticed that once you’re on the bike you kinda fall in love with it–and if you don’t you probably won’t near as easily. we’re not interested in convincing people who would really never consider biking–we’re more focused on people who are on the fence about it. our group members are in this group/population, but we wanna get outside ourselves too. good thing: if this product is successful/addresses what we want it to, then it might have a ripple effect into the never bike/always bikers. but we’ll start with a focus and see what happens

also, FROM HERE, we wanna dive into community type things that would inspire people to get together and get on a bike. safety, comfort, convenience; these are all issues that other groups might be addressing, but we have a feeling that ONCE THEY’RE ON, these barriers will be sub-level to the fun and experience of biking. at least we hope. thing is, we gotta get em on.

thoughts about online community, nike+ pros, utilizing facebook, using a proximity thing, having incentives to bike somewhere [the destination] or something that increases experience [the journey], or rewards like get 10 stamps and get something free [must be on bike] or having things at gas stations [when ppl are mad at gas–but might not go over with stations] or at grocery stores, or w/e. utilizing competition and community.

i’d really love to think of a system and ACTUALLY EMPLOY IT [like getting permission and testing it in publix or on the street signs or w/e. even a small slightly illegal test just to see if this thing could do what we want it to.

need to decide >> is it online/software/propaganda? is it a product? is it a combo? KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!


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