Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | November 10, 2008

class monday :: presenting research

so i’m still working out how to upload my pdfs of research + getting the video from lori of our bike ride, but in the meantime i wanna write about observations i’m seeing with the groups presenting

group with walking [sarah + lin + krystal] >> wanting to do some sort of online/walk-up rentable thing to help CARRY your stuff. i was thinking about how walking probably increased with the IPOD – for kind of psychological and cultural reasons. it increased enjoyment and pushed occasional walkers over the edge to walk more. especially with making new playlists and a growing music appreciation, people who might not have walked probably walked more. i just searched in google but can’t find too much data on increases of walkers. anyway, that kinda goes along with what the lady on ted talks [we watched when we visited info*retail]. she talked about how the metaphysical and literal “bubble” around you is way different when things like the ipod are introduced. you are literally close to people, but you don’t feel that close to them b/c of the privacy of your surrounding music.

this brings about the pros/cons of this. it makes you feel “a part” of the world b/c other people do it as well, and arguably the music and connections you’re getting from hearing it could make you feel unified, but then again you’re more isolated b/c of it. it’s kind of an understood “don’t talk to me”; not in a mean way but just in a logical way. it also decreases your awareness of ambient and environmental noises.

anyway, the group isn’t really focusing on this, but maybe even for my group w/ creating a catalyst product >> thinking about something that would affect biking as the ipod affected walking. 


group concerned with lower class urban kids carrying stuff to/from school >> this is a really good direction b/c i think it deals with a bigger picture while still being narrow enough. it’s tricky though because, like kate said, in the end-if they have heavy books to carry, they have heavy books, you know? so maybe the meat is why do they have to carry them– can they come in early? can the book pages be copied? can they store them at the school? can it just be easier to carry the stuff [efficient/simple machines]? i think it’s a cool project


the wheeled footwear group >> cool direction as well, but tricky with things like they said to “make it much lights and reduce the bulk while still being durable” … well, i’m sure the bulk is needed for the safety and i know the manufacturer and company used minimal amount needed for safety/codes. so unless you use carbon fiber or some crazy expensive strong/light material, i’m not sure how to really solve that. 

then again, they do/did have the strap on things for your shoes and that’s relying solely (ha-solely) on your shoe. so maybe it’s not the biggest deal. i know i’d love to skate somewhere if they had easier breaks so i won’t pee my pants when i go down hill [or purposely fall into the grass at the bottom of the hill] and maybe had a spring action/suspension so i could hop things/not die on a pine cone.


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