Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | November 10, 2008

cars :: bikes

i know cars are way bigger, can go faster, further, don’t take much human energy, etc. 


what are some distilled feelings from both car and bike – in general?

feeling of power / control —> of course there’s tons of wrecks and there are safety issues, but obviously you do have a fair amount of indepence

feeling of risky/danger —> other side of control, the line of knowing it’s dangerous but also fun and sometimes needed

for fun or for necessity —> joy rides in cars or just point A to point B + exercise biking or commuting

sense of community —> even though you can be alone in the car/on the bike, you still feel a part of it b/c other people do it

honing of skills —> both are easy to do relatively, but you can become better and more aware/better reacting

going fast —> rush of speeding/just going fast. like ricky bobby; but not as fast. “i feel the neeeeeed, the neeeed for speeeeed.” it’s in us. but don’t be stupid with it

feeling self-reliant —> the most self-reliant is not needing anything but your mind and your hands i guess, but with things you can still feel reliant. i feel dependable because i know i can get there on time/etc because of my car. i feel safe because i think i know how to drive. +  i feel reliant because i don’t need a car to get places, i can use my lunch as my fuel instead of gasoline. there’s a sense of pride in both.


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