Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | November 3, 2008

whoa updater

so i’ve been keeping track of what steps i’ve done/methods/etc for building this project and my thoughts about branding and such.

i’m gonna paste it here from .pages:

Project 3 :: Promo Product :: Belkin




in class: listed links between their products


cushtop – comfort between transportation and working armband – activity + context [key hole in it] server – multi-use + context

surge protector – soft with hard products / technoligcal usbs – human element + high tech cable – usability/communicating use + performance

bags – transportation + comfort // style + usability and context all of them = softened, enhances existing products




++ went to Target again and looked at their products some more. More sketches/brainstorming




+ 9 am \\ google search things: 


personified technology “technology paradox” object

technology puns computer puns

literal pull-down menu technology art



quote about “thumb” drive, and things with your mother being bored…not too much found

beauty with math

11 am \\ internet with chemicals and heat activated things

here’s a sample of them [50 listed!]


alool                             198      [78-70-6]    lily of the valley

8-mercapto-p-menthan-3-one            57 (8)  [38462-22-5] blackcurrant

1-p-methene-8-thiol                   40 (1)  [71159-90-5] grapefruit

phenethyl alcohol                    220      [60-12-8]    rose

phenethyl isoamyl ether                       [56011-02-0] chamomile

alpha-pinene                         156      [80-56-8]    pine 

alpha-terpineol                      217      [98-55-5]    lilac


1 pm ++ internet about scents / gladeplug ins / old fashioned scents and potpourri



++ research stuff on volts and wattage and etc. EE helped me; problem = too much power = explode circuit on computer

++ found this helpful site: on how to make a coffee/cup warmer from usb thing. basically 2 in-series resistors (6.8 ohms) soldered to plastic thing that heats up for your cup. 

–> talked to some electrical engineers and they did crazy equations for me…?

++ bought resistors from radio shack [2 x 10 ohm 1 watt] + usb cables from ack


++ – stuff about usbs and power stuff


[work 7-12:30]

++ in class:: played around with resistors and trouble-shooted their power with the computer (how much will explode it)

++ found out: 1 watt is the max, + resistors = – power

–> worked on board  


++ tested on computer [didn’t blow it up]



8 am ++ worked on board more –>

++ decided on the “c” shape b/c didn’t like it going too high up. and liked the “zen” horizontal shape, 

simplicity, and rounded rectangle [like belkin] 

9 am ++ played with metal pieces and laser cut the plastic pieces 


++ cut and bent metal pieces once measurements were nailed down 

++ tested if oil will heat up [used plastic box on top of resistors to see if it dissipated the smell. Found: yes. melted tape though [bought thermal adhesive]

++tested laser cutting on metal the name

++ epoxy [metal epoxy + silicone – marine adhesive/solvent rtv] the resistor/usb to the metal pieces

++ assembled the 2 metal pieces and the laser cut plastic with the adhesive 

++ LET DRY!!      


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