Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | November 3, 2008

NEW proj – transportation

so we [megan joyce + lori white] decided on something with bikes and nailed some ideas for what direction we might wanna go in

our TARGET is the in-between people who bike occasionally but there are solvable barriers that inhibit them from doing it a lot. we want to identify what these are through thinking about them and talking to them and then try to hone in one and solve it in a thoughtful and useful way


environmental // context

  • uncontrollable things outside of you like WEATHER [cold, rainy, hot, etc / temp]
  • uncontrollable things outside of you like geography/location [not safe neighborhoods/parts of town]
  • controllable things with you like what you’re wearing [dress/skirt for girls // pant leg rolled up] and what you’re carrying

this engages issues like safety [environment/etc and fear of falling/etc]

context ==> commuters from 1 few —– 10 miles

[usually for work or school–primary = to get there, secondary = exercise]



for wednesday, have some informal surveys/etc with ppl to help define which barrier to focus on

  • megan = “pro”-bikers in little 5
  • lori = id/other ppl who have the no brake/fixed gear, med riding bikers, etc
  • carolyn = fraternity/casual ppl

questions to ask [assuming they have a bike]

  1. how often do you ride your bike?
  2. where do you ride it?
  3. how many miles approx is it away?
  4. are you sweaty after it?
  5. do you lock it up always?
  6. has it ever gotten stolen?
  7. do you carry things with you when you go / how much stuff?
  8. have you ever fallen?
  9. do you ride on the streets or sidewalk?


we’ll see what we find!


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