Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | October 22, 2008

magic eye?

i like magic eye b/c it is a curiosity thing and i like that it becomes more than what you think it is at first


also there’s references to the internet (biggest connection in some ways we have) with it being a jumble of seemingly meaningless things but in a moment it all comes together in one big picture

it would force staring — so if it’s a t shirt it can be in the chestal region for women’s sake–but maybe stomach or arm (not back). only thing with wearable promo = logistics of how many small/med/larges to get

don’t wanna just make a key chain you know

easy to conceptually say “something that creates curiosity and sparks connections and maybe it’s modular and you need x number of pieces for it to work or w/e” b/c what is that thing? a box of 5 diff puzzle pieces? what is it when it comes together? i’ve tried to think of this stuff and sketch some crazy ideas out but i’m hittin a wall with it. it’s a cool idea but i don’t know how to do that w/o giving them a crazy kinex box thing that’s dumb.

but i don’t wanna make tshirts.

bah. oh design direction.

lanyard? girls/boys wear those right–and it looks like a usb thing but it’s not b/c its hollow inside or something and when you connect it with someone else’s it does something. that’s kinda good cuz it’s a one size thing, it has technology references and a twist, and it’s easily reachable to connect b/c necklace. maybe i should force it to be more awkward (which can = memorable) or not.

would they throw it away after? memory could stay. but don’t want them to throw it away. baaah



  1. “when you just can’t meet in person” –cuz this would all be about person-to-person contact, and that is good/better (?) than through online stuff, but sometimes that’s all you can do

    maybe a play/joke with that–that you can’t be where everyone is…?

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