Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | October 20, 2008

cheap technology


ive been researching cheap technology that i can incorporate in my promotional product than can incourage connections with people

i’ve looked at tubular proximity sensors, proximity switches, and proximity sensors (used in iphone to turn display off when you put the phone to your ear)

also, more natural occuring technology like magnets, shocks (static + metal) and components with mercury that can react or act differently when in conjunction with other elements/each other. goal = create a literal and/or physical reaction to encourage connections (maybe shock would discourage it…) but also looked at car alarms and stuff

here’s some stellar sites about cool stuff coming up in the world—to expensive for now but still awesome –> bendable/organic display screens –> OLED – paper thin organic material instead of light bulb — check out the video!!

also, my brother showed me this website: — cool design blog from an auburn graduate



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