Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | October 17, 2008


welp, just got back from studio and a crazy random dance party after the ccf flag football game [we lost, but we still had the party. i stepped on a black light accidentally…].

did some tons of brainstorming about belkin and what it means to connect people. what brings people together? that’s what they’re really trying to do–i know they have a huge company and wanna turn profit, but what they understand and what is getting them profit is the fact that they can influence connecting people through each other and the world. they put thought into the appearance to encourage people to buy it, and they make it user-friendly/easy to use so they’ll keep it. 

they’re doing more than making technological pieces of eventual trash. they have the vision of enabling networking and they use technology as a catalyst. start with the idea, and then implement it. 

it’s not about making more shit to store at staples just cuz there’s a market.

it’s not about the connecting of the wires, it’s about the connecting of people. 


that could be a good slogan if i can work on it more. ps.

anyway, that’s a summary what i was thinking about with what they’re all about. they say some of this in their websites and i’ve seen some good stuff on reviews [although one talked about them sneaking in ads on a server thing…awkward]. but i’m trying to really extrapolate this stuff from their designs — kind of working backward.

one good thought i had in the shower was that people are brought together by curiosity. i’d already thought about how activities, experiences, memories, familiarity, common interests, location/proximity, eating, etc can bring people together, but i like curiosity. if the promotional item has some mystery/uniqueness to it while still of course having a theme (almost a brand within a brand—whoa), then maybe it becomes a “which one did you get?” or w/e—and ice-breaker with strangers or just a interest between friends. i think that concept – curiosity – is golden. i think it can go far in this project if i really dig into it.

another thought i had just now was that competition is big too. it can divide people, but also bring them together. mario kart, chugging, racing up stairs, dares, bets, driving, etc—all thrive from that good ole human nature pride. so maybe that could be something, although i think it could be more harmful/fine line and less dead on connectivity than curiosity. but maybe. we’ll see.

also learning–at least for me, i’m really drawn to people who know stuff. information sharing is big. we all have friends who seem to know stuff before everyone else hears about it. we also know people who spread that info really well. i’m a spreader, but an aspiring knower beforer. (not sure why THAT word is underlined in red–totally common word). anyway, if there’s anyway to add educating or equipping with knowledge or w/e—that’d be good too. in some ways knowledge is something we have to be curious about, and we could be competitive about getting it. unnhhhhh all in one baby. we’ll see. focus on the curiosity one though. 

definitely said “did some tons of”, “beforer”, and spoke in third person…to myself. y’all catch all of that? yeah then i analyzed that i did it, AND didn’t delete it. blows my own mind.



  1. whoa you really did consider a ton of stuff, I think I catch your drift though. Curiosity is an interesting human characteristic/trademark/emotion thing, like when people can’t stop staring at car wrecks.. Like a bond b/w strangers who are like “what the hell did Carolyn do for her project?” shes mad. You can use extreme innovation, randomness, and hidden aspects in your promo design to get some good curiosity going..

  2. this idea of curiosity and pieces to a puzzle can go a long way. think of the success of the Wonka golden ticket campaign .. . the oneness of people when aliens attacked in independence day.. . the insanity of beanie babies. . . the fun of trading cards.. . they challange of puzzles.. . the hope of McDonalds monopoly game. . . the curiosity of sharing of grades/results .. . etc.

    figure out exactly what that moment is all about and then design around it. Design something that embodies and prompts such an occasion and feeling, all while linking the user to the idea that belkin is to blame.

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