Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | October 16, 2008


  • i was thinking about my bottle opener/slide thing last night and i thought about (haven’t sketched yet) something in which your hand that’s doing the opening twists the entire bottle 180 or 360 degrees and there’s one thing that stays straight with the other hand obviously. but what if instead of a somewhat arbitrarily placed top that spins, the entire bottle (inc surface/grip area) in the motion that rotates about something smaller. switching it up, but still utilizes the simple and smart screw mechanism. i’ve been fighting the groove/screw, but i’ve come back to is only to view it in another way. i’ll have to sketch it up and figure out some stuff, but i think it’s a solid concept. one i wish i had earlier, but i might not have gotten here without all that other thought you know?
  • i tried coffee with milk instead of 1/2&1/2. not as good. i’m also trying to not use as much sugar—progressively
  • psychology thought – my teacher talked about how deductive reasoning is only applicable if you can infer something without absolute certainty, so actually you can only inductively reason. huh.
  • i have ideas about my portfolio cover with hinges or 2 simple rings on the corner of the booklet. i might laser cut and i wanna make my cards look similar to the proportions to the portfolio and its layout. yeah branding…of myself 🙂
  • gods – i mean there were many times in history where some of all of the people on the planet thought that there were no or multiple gods that created the world or w/e. egyptians, greeks, etc. but, just because people thought it doesn’t mean it was true. and speaking on design, isn’t it logical to think there’s gotta be something more–otherwise we’re just running around creating stuff without acknowledging a bigger design? we see meaning in everything, so saying there’s nothing else is inherently implying meaninglessness to life. you know?

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