Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | October 12, 2008


So i just got back my letter for NZ for study abroad and i’m accepted which is good (they pretty much told us we would be. we = allison scott and i). plus i have a $1000 scholarship cuz i’m gonna work in their office of international education place. so that’s cool. only thing is i still might not be able to go cuz i only have x amt of loan money and its already a pain in the butt to pay back, but to ask for even more, to pay it back—i don’t know. i’ve been trying to weigh out the benefits of going now and paying more vs going later—it’s tough. me and my friend Steph are gonna go to europe right after college for 6 months to backpack around and then we might live in hawaii after that for a year or two. but flying to nz/australia within that plan would be tough, so maybe i should go now

it’s not an exchange program: it’s where the kids coming here pay GT tuition and we pay theirs (it’s cuz NZ kids usually take a gap year before college to travel, so there’s not as many wanting to study abroad). theirs is more expensive. so that’s the only thing. baaaah. i wanna go real bad though—its like adventure capitol (?) and awesome culture/stuff to do. i might meet my husband here, but i’m not putting any pressure on that…:)

but really.


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