Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | October 11, 2008

random, stuff i’ve found that i like  —  ghost ride   —  lecrae musik   —  lecrae 

also, downloads (obviously don’t download crap, but here’s some stuff that’s good)



     [similar to coconut] good reference to stats about computer. get a mac 


  • battery info: [from macrumors what what]
Mac Laptop Maximum Capacity Capacity at 80%
MacBook 5020 mAh 4016 mAh
MacBook Pro 15″ 5500 mAh 4400 mAh
MacBook Pro 17″ 6400 mAh? 5120 mAh?
iBook G4 12″ 4600 mAh? 3680 mAh?
iBook G4 14″ 5600 mAh? 4640 mAh?
Aluminium PowerBook G4 12″ 4600 mAh? 3680 mAh?
Aluminium PowerBook G4 15″ 4600 mAh? 3680 mAh?
Aluminium PowerBook G4 17″ 5400 mAh 4320 mAh

You have a fully charged battery (5000 mAh) and you use 2000 mAh in one sitting, charge it up back to 5000 mAh, and then use another 1000 mAh. How much have you used? The answer is 60% of one cycle. Why? 2000 mAh=40% of one cycle 1000 mAh=20% of one cycle Total=3000 mAh, or 60% of one cycle.

Thus, your battery goes through cycles on a fairly straight-forward basis; there is no need to fully deplete your battery every time.*      


i was wondering about this. only one cite, but it makes sense.


  • quicksilver software 
  • vlc media player’s good
  • skype
  • handbrake – rip dvds
  • drop clock!! —
  • here’s a cool background i found in like 10th grade but it’s still cool
sweet. i’ll keep updating

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