Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | October 3, 2008

mac stuff

sooo heres some stuff i found about products that you’d say “that looks like mac made it” no matter how ridiculous the product is. point is, removing the psychological context that products carry with them, you can strip the thing down to what it does and what it resembles. so if you have a blender, you recognize it’s a blender based of key things like a blade and a container, etc. but if the facade has elements that resemble mac, you can see that. what are those key elements?

heres a few — some you can have alone but most need to be paired or in the whole to get the “mac” identity through:

  • white or black (or metal)
  • simplicity – only things needed are there
  • shiny finish
  • smooth texture/material transitions
  • proportional radii

k so it wont see my pictures i got for it — not sure why. lame


i’ll print em for class and try lata


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