Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 28, 2008

Notes about Review

Notes from  review:

In general highlights / comments

·         It’s an ONGOING process – more on that later

·         Universal design is a really good direction [inspired by a particular and then applying widely]

·         Communicating design – tell story well and get excited about problem/solution

·         Look at context of product and what else it would effect

·         TEST the product—on…elderly ppl maybe? Makes sense right

The Reviewers:

So I noticed some stuff about each one, so here’s my take on them, just a crude summary that doesn’t do them justice, but just my take. [in order of their bench seat left to right]

·         Indian tech grad = complementary and more of a positive view

·         Guy from boston = really interested in the meat of the project—would get past all the details and ask more of the meaning of the thing. Also, about zooming out. Had really good points and very calmly poetic when talked

·         Older lady = practical, tried to fully understand project with putting herself in the position “ok, I’m the doctor” “ok, I’m homeless”. Sweet.

·         Garden nursing home lady = had good ideas/.initial reactions to things and thought of the stuff in reality context. Human centered concerns.

·         “modern” lady = offered really good design solutions and seemed like she’d be a good person on a team to really get the idea from concept to reality. Honest and knew her stuff.

·         Guy from formation = sweet biz cards – that paper and embossment is amazing. Also really knew his shit. Seemed like most projects he’d say “yeah, when I was working on –(packaging, installing a shower, manufacturing, etc)”. Ton of quivers in his —quiver holder (?). Also really into the form (makes sense) and liked metaphors and the poetry, but also very engineering conscious.

I thought they were really good reviewers-very diverse- and had good stuff to say. Felt like they talked not to just hear themselves talk but actually to critique and offer good stuff. Can’t say the same for an architecture review…J



  1. arrows in the quiver !

    TEST the product YES !!


    design if for people, and we better damn well connect with them when designing for them. Good design does not happen in the pre-frontal cortex of a single and disconnected person.

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