Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 21, 2008


sooo on solid works. been here since after rei and church. ps–well, nevermind cuz its past 5 but the scratch and dnet sale was awesome.

right, so on the s-dub, and figuring out some stuff and trying to be creative with this software. got teh base of the container done and now im figuring out the sliding mechanism. feel like ive kinda hit a wall slash need a nap or coffee. nothing goes better with a sunday than a nap. think i’m gonna go to octane at 6 or whenever. i know a lot about coffee…did i mention that? but not to be a snob about it–i need to think about snobbism some more ps. also, tech did fantasic on saturday. shaw is great with the option and our defense waaaas innnncredible. is it weird to post football stuff on a blog site? it shouldn’t. i’m bringing the sports back into id. or the social network into it too (like friends who aren’t id). but only in moderation, cuz you gotta get stuff done.

back to the model. i gotta get my skej on track still


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