Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 21, 2008


oh and david had a lil sit down meeting thing on friday that was talkin about the presentation. he gave us little booklets that showed things like the dimensions of pin-up space, tips on what to and not to say, and other stuff. it kinda stream-lined it so that’s good. templates are good–they cut down on customization but they increase seamlessness. it’s a trade-off i guess. i might have my layout look somewhat similar to the bottle top design [a rounded square with one corner indented for a cirlce–the hole in the top], but i don’t want it to be too literal. just trying to think of ways to make a good presentation that’d stand out.

also, i wish i could have a lady with arthritis come out behind a curtain and demonstrate it…:) im just thinkin

a big thing in the packet ==> don’t apologize. they don’t know the process, and you should just explain it clearly and own what you say. also, for looking good, im not sure what to wear but i wanna match the colors of the bottle label/setup table or something. at least my board colors. aright sweet update.


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