Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 21, 2008

learning stuff

i learned a lot from id kids [seniors] today. steven sloan showed me some sweet moves on the rocks @ boat rock, plus some crazy snob terms about “problems” and the classes of difficulties in climbing. i felt un-knowlegable.

then he taught me more about coffee and a lot that goes into it. i called him a snob b/c he knows about good coffee and refuses bad coffee. then i started thinking about what “snob” is [not the rich kind, but the smart kinds]

my friend david thompson’s dad would be a ski snob b/c he refuses to get a tower for his mastercraft ski boat b/c he says he’s still a “purest”. so he knows he likes skiing better; knows what he likes and why.

i tried to think if i’m a snob in anything. i guess it means you sort of require or demand the best of something and don’t like the lesser of it. i don’t like knock-off cheerios, but i get almost everything else equate brand. i shop at ross. i buy cheap sunglass, even though i know nice ones are better maybe, it’s not worth me losing them, and mine block out the sun about the same [although polarized is awesome]. i don’t have a bike, but when i did it was a thrift store boys one. magna, you know the one. it had brakes and gears [un-trendy]. i have a mac–and they’re better than pcs obviously, but i wouldnt says thats a snob thing thats just cuz pcs suck so macs are an obvious alternative. same w/ foreign cars vs. american.

i don’t think i have anything that i have to have a brand of you know? oh, maybe razors. except i shave with w/e so i guess not, but i prefer guy’s gillette mac 3. so maybe that.

the thing with being a snob, though, is it’s kind of a trade off. its good cuz you know what and why you like stuff, and you can appreciate it. but it’s bad cuz it kinda can “own” or control you cuz then you can’t really enjoy the lesser stuff. you can’t be content with it, and i’m all about being ok with stuff or being ok w/ little. so i don’t know, maybe have “a lot of stuff is ok, but few stuff truly interests” or something. like you’re ok with w/e, but you know about and prefer the better. that kinda rhymes.

thoughts on this? not cool to settle, but not cool to be anal about stuff you know?

be content, but don’t settle. have change, but also consistency. be direct, but have some mystery. have passions, but be in moderation. baaah.



  1. i think its fine to be anal about your own choices big or small, but to judge another on theirs is when someone becomes a real snob. i hate snobs

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