Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 21, 2008


sloan’s coffee maker design

sloan's coffee makerback to snob, its cool though cuz i learned a lot.

coffee summary:

beans ==> roasted ==> ground ==> preparation ==> drink

bean fact: can get pea berry beans that are “whole” beans–cylindrical shape. these could be bought pre-roasted and roasted in a popcorn machine!! freshness = time after roasting [min 4 days], NOT time after picking of beans.

roast = the lighter the more caffeine but more acidic/bitter. darker = richer/more “smoky”, and less caffeinated. most espressos use darker roasts.

grinder at target = $20

prepare: so you can either steep or pressurize grounds

  • steep = the common drip coffee [but bad cuz it unevenly extracts [top left over = over, bottom = under]], french press [grounds in middle of 2 level container, water @ bottom, coffee comes to top], syphen [similar to french press, but
  • pressure = espresso [the METHOD of preparation. not the beans]. bialetti italian one [grounds in middle of 2 level container, water @ bottom, coffee comes to top] & the one using porta-filters and the machines you see at coffee places usually. **lungo = long shot which means same grounds courseness, less pressure, more time, more bitter. riscetta or something = short shot = same grounds, more pressure, less time, less bitter. different methods bring out diff tastes [oils].

drink it

steven made me a french press, foamed milk [made with french press] coffee with NO sugar [but whole milk] and it tasted GOOD! i know. plus it feels better not putting a bunch of crap [honey, cinnamon, sugar as i normally do] in it.

sweet. so be knowlegable but not a snob about it. its crazy what you can learn from talking to ppl though–esp working at the coffee cart; seems like if i bring up one thing cuz it relates to them, they talk about that plus add on to it. then i know more stuff and things start to overlap and you just can relate/strike up conversation about cool stuff easier and easier. but it makes you wanna learn more and the more you know the more you see you don’t know.

“do not worry about your problems with mathematics. i can assure you, mine are far greater”      -albert einstein

ps: pics = the brown cups are made from used coffee grounds and recylced paper pulp to make cups. sweet huh — good opp w/ used grounds

bialetti (?)cool espresso machine 

french press 

french press

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