Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 21, 2008


so–haven’t blogged in a lil while. plus, apparently we’re supposed to be bloggin our progress plus our “stuff”? what does that mean? i could post the pdf of my pink foam models slash sketches i emailed to david. he replies real fast–good quality.

but so i just finished the basics of my solidworks model [2 parts of the container assembed together on a living hinge]. i dont know what else i should talk about as far as the project–i’ve talked a lot to ppl about it, so not sure what to put here. i guess i can say i was real frusterated on friday cuz i zoomed way out and was like, “is this even a big deal? i mean, old ppl buying a vending drink and being able to open it better–how often do they even go to vending machines…and does it really matter about the bottles/containers that are screw topped? baaah” and david was like “you can change your direction–i mean you got a week, but if you can pull it off…” and something about “if you had 4 more weeks would you still do this?”.

well, the main frusteration is that the basic mechanics of opening things i’ve found is vertical/horizontal motion or circular. vert/horiz = lever/hinge, slide/push, etc. circ = screw. welp, the good thing about a screw is that its 2 pieces and its water tight. key. i liked my ideas with sliding the top open cuz it puts more weight on the palm and not the fingers, but water-tightness is tricky. you gotta add rubber which inc. materials. bahh. w/e though, its kinda worth the trade off since its a different/better way to open it as far as arthritis is concerned.

so then, back to my zoomed out question-which is good to ask at beginning, mid, and end of development, i answered it this way

“look, when you’re older, you understand you can’t do a lot of things you used to do like maybe running, rock climbing, random exercises, motorcycle, etc. that’s tough but acceptable. the thing is, when you or your husband/wife can’t get a jar or bottle of water open, it starts gettin in your head. you feel unnecessarily helpless and incapable. all from not being able to do simple tasks. i think that’s what would get me.

right, so if i as a designer can create a simple, cost-effective, easy to open container design that has potential to be distibuted as an alternative to screw caps, i think that’s good. it’s using power for good and being responsible with what we put out into the world. it has the opportunity to change thoughts. from “i can’t believe i can’t even do this. this sucks” to “it’s gonna be ok, it’s still worth it to be on my own” . Big deal.

oh, and i need to figure out SEAL/tamper-evident thing. maybe just shrinkwrapped on externalness.

so i’m back on track with liking my idea—just nailing it down with the mechanisms. i like the gesture open–how the top is arched and the top slides back on it–implies to be slid and follows gesture of opening as if you swept you hand across the top and it opened. its gonna be on 2 tracks [1 to keep it on the container body & 1 to slide back]. i’m 3d printing. see skej:

sunday = finish solid works model, export to w/e that form if for 3d printer

monday = talk to brian about if it’ll work and looks good, talk to trip to see when i should start the printing. PRINT sldwks to show david

after class = start on board. consolidate research [PACKAGING stats – 30% more, MATERIALS to cut down on price + break down of parts/mat’ls, work on photoshop CONTEXTpics [in vending, in grocery], get ERGONOMICS stuff [hand pressure graphs, comparison – ADA stuff/prothetics]

tuesday = board + finish model

wednesday = same

thursday = focus on layout of boards, PRACTICE [arch, id, engineer ppl]

friday = do it to it.


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