Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 15, 2008

project 2 thoughts

sooo after a horrible football weekend, its hard to remember what all happened that was good; but i did make some progress on my project. i realized a few things too–> about how i really need to go somewhere to sketch better. its kinda what i’ve heard about quiet times — its key to have a place to do it in. although you can sketch/talk to god anywhere or whatever, having a place thats kinda designatef or it is better. also, i learned my ipod is clutch also cuz it gets me in the zone. i took music from carl the senior and it is reallllly good. seriously. i mean i have probably the best taste in music and id have to say he has some good stuff. i was surprised-but offense. [ryan horne, matt ryczek, teddy geiger, rx bandits, old 97s, landon pigg, the go! team, some beat boxer that was awesome, and some other ones]

also, 3rdly, i can really visualize better in my head cuz i can see ppl opeing and pouring and etc, then when my eyes are on the paper nad im trying to juust sketch stuff to have sketches. last year it was like, have 30 sketches by next class, so id try and then most of them would be crap slash half-ass sketches that looked like i thought through it all. this year, its like im trying to get as many as i honestly can cuz i know its for me–its for the good of the project [and the world…:) potentially]. so that changed a little. but i close my eyes and visualize, and then i sketch cuz ive worked out some stuffin my head. i need to improve the translation thgouht = SKETCHING. oh i messed around on my fake waacom tablet the other day. its a learning curve so i need to get on it

basically, i have  some good idea sketches and i need to do some more research with creative and SIMPLE mechanisms to open stuff. ive been looking at everything: the button on teh shifter in cars, trashcan flip up tops, gears, even the wachovia building helped me out with a stacked boxes idea.

so that was saturday, and then i watched the game after that. never seen so many fumbles and quarterback sneaks in a row in my life. dagnabbit. and ive totally met nesbitt, and his girlfriend. we’ll see how he does later, but he is a red shirt sophomore isnt he?


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