Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 15, 2008

id party

also, on friday, i went to a sweet id party thing at ted’s apartment (allison scott slash every junior girl would be gel). he has a sweet loft=can see the original brick-spiral stair case-atlantan vintage place. and he has skateboards. which makes me wannahave a track running through my house and only skateboards are used. even my children. its like venice, but with…skateboards.

right so it was a good inter-mingling, and also screen printing. which i learned im not a perfectionist in this task, i basically put a lot of paint on and smeared it around till it was good. it workd and looked even. some other ppl were like measuring stuff and perfectly pulling and pushing the ink tool thing–but mine looked good. sometimes you can just do it to it; sometimes you need particular craftsmanship. but yeah good stuff. felt a little strange cuz i was literally at an id party, but it was cool. good ppl and fun activity. i was dead sleepy at like 11 though–which is slightly bad when you have a ride whos a night owl (meaning past 12…crazy right?)




  1. Sounds like a fun party… sorry I missed it.

    Hey! looks like someone stole your logo… look at the bottom right corner…

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