Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 11, 2008

old people thoughts that lead to people thoughts + etc

i’ma (i’m’a? wow. lazy enough huh :)) kinda spit over here and write semi-faulkner (stream of consciousness style. sweet.

an 86 year old man came into class today to talk about his experiences and attitudes on stuff. fell in love with him–not in a creepy way but in youre such a cute old man way–kinda like how me and allison scott really wanna steal a 3 or 4 year old boy. again, not creepy, i swear. hard to explain. i need to check other people’s blogs – strange thati expect slash want people to read mine but double standard! cuz i don’t read other peoples. i will. but so the guy was real cute and actually made me not so scared about getting old – comment later about getting old and emma’s thing with digging into fears, etc – cuz he had a POSITIVE ATTITUDE [he made a plus sign with his finger in the air like 3 times] also, our generation says LIKE waaaaay too many times–even when we are asked to repeat stuff we’ll keep it in there—i do it too, but its mildly obnoxious and similar sort of to cussing every other word in the sense that it sounds dumber cuz they’re just fillers. lesson: use like and cuss words for emphasis and seasoning–not pour the whole damn (ha) salt shaker on it. right, so back to my thinking line – he talked about how active he is but did in a i wanna live the best life i can not in a i’m so on top of thigns way–he was real humle.

this damn post just erased what i accidentally highlighted and then ctrl+z didn’t work. what did i say. ahh. plus this made me cuss which adds to my criticized salt pouring. aright–oh we did see some little “nuggets- as david would call them later – about his thinking. beyond just yes/no and observations, we got a little sense of his pride/admittance. he commented hey we’re not dumb (old ppl) — pause — but we may not be the brightest cat in the w/e (he said you cats once–it was cute. also he said dagblasted. i wrote those down). and also with something with his wife-what was it-i think it had to do with not being abl-oh it was that he had a crush on his typing class teacher or something – side note i looked up steampunk and asw some decked out computer lcd screen with type writer/keyboard hybrid done up in the wild wild west era time period style. era and time are similar and i didnt need both. back to typewriters and crushes-right so he had one on his teacher and he remembered her name but still hasnt told his wife. i think that was it, i might have combined 2 stories. another admittance was him joking about forgetting his train of thoguht but to me he would be talking and there was always an interuption and then he’d comment on not knowing – but i couldnt rememebr either most times – mayeb shows he was a little too ahrd on himslef or maybe its easier to make fun of yourself than to hear it or something. i know right lot of stuff form a side comment, but thats the gold

im just typing real fast ot get this all out and i might not even spell check it cuz one its honest and shows i think fast but cant tyuoe that well when doing it and also cuz of something else but i cant think of it – see im old. ok, but also i liked that he said he was in sunday school cuz i saw a difference in him that i see in some of my friends and it might have to do with inside him and thats cool. but anyone can have a good attitude, some are just rooted deeper than others. plus, happiness doesnt = joy cuz to me joy is like an underlying peace and okness with stuff/the big picture, and its steady. happiness is like sweet i got a new ipod or i have a date or i got a parking space — btw the guy said there was deifnitly a problem with parking the wlakers and mobile things – also that speeding was a problem. again, that pictuire makes me excited for oldness when i can soup up my ride with a mini-hemi (contradticion?) and race other old peeps. peacthree city baby–i do want a golf cart. maybe ill just use a golfcart instead of htose mobile things and i want chili lights on it. sweet off story.

dang this is long

also, the problem with stream of conciousness is NOT that i cant focus cuz i totally can (sometimeas) but its that if ppl call or your lamp falls on you accidentally youre semi interrupeted. but anyway, i was on a roll–k, old ppl, crushes, happiness, golf carts. done. oh, i think i’m drawn to ppl who like to elarn and are aware (drivers, shoppers, ppl in gen) and curious for learning stuff. its good and bad – good cuz my friends are awesome and fairly capable of stuff, but bad cuz i put too much worht in that sometimes and dont see people for being people i guess. but right, so io liked that the guy still wanted to learn and reads 2 books/week-scans, and his weife jokes with him. also side note –> dont be like that. not that his wife isnt great and its realu cute how he tlaked about her btw, but just to myself: dont joke baout that sutff cuz theres some truith in it and i want to be the opposite for husband and super proud. dont bashing, just thinkg. for the future. its all about preparing (in what you eat/establish good habits – while not forgetting youre in college and young and dont not eat bad stuff sometimmes -, with spending and money habits, with wokr stuff, with cleaning and all that that i’ll do one day a lot of for someone–its easier if ive been used ot it. you can get used to a lot – its like jumping off 1 stair into the pool and then going higher and higher. but that analogy sucks cuz you platau with it or you just miss the pool and break your face.

but right, this makes me think that you really can alter behavior with prodcuts and how effing opowerful that is. it kinda goes back to people–as a person you affec tppl in ways you may never know and it oculd be bigger or less than you think. no such thing as an isolated event. but also, bigger pic = to zoom out and realize there is a bigger piuc and not to put so much weight on somthing if you affected not in a good way something and feel blame or w/e cuz then youd go insane form all this responsibilty. but knowing you do have an impact. like products. i didnt walk to calsses until i got the opiod, and now i prefer wlaking b/c i like the look and the feeling and the msuic associated with it. i wanted to walk and knew it was good for me but to push me over the edge of what i tjhought was good nad actually doing it was a product. big deal. but also, people can be made happier/sadder with products but in the end, happy ppl will probbaly be happy w/ or w/o thgat product and sad ppl(or complainers) will usually be complainers no mnatter wehat. with products good and bad or in the absense of products. so the repsonsisblkitly lessens,. but still, we should stiull attempt to do our best knwoing its not the final responsibilty but it is a good and valient one. its like justice–youre never gonna stop crime compleetly cuz theres human nature in all of us and you cant eradicate it (see the village movei ps), but thatg doesnt mean you shoulkdnt try. just try knowing that youre helping but not the final solver. that comes later.

but still, altering behavior for good is good. “do it anyway” -martina mcbride –> 

You can spend your whole life building something from nothing
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway
You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach and you know it might not ever come your way
Dream it anyway

God is great, but sometimes life ain?t good
And when I pray it doesn?t always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway, I do it anyway

This world’s gone crazy and it?s hard to believe that tomorrow will be better than today
Believe it anyway
You can love someone with all your heart, for all the right reasons, and in a moment they can choose to walk away
Love em anyway

I build, I dream, I love, anyway

k. more on this later in the personal stuff. but it was good hearing from him and tlkaing about how tv is a big part and about that generation of ppl (pretty stubborn, came from great depression – maybe save and hoard things, untrusting of technology instaed of our generations experimental attitude, and they have a lot of knowlege) ==> knwolege!! gah iof i could write down every story and advice and thoughts form my grandparntets–they wont be here forver obviouslt and once theyre gone a lot of whats in their head/what was in their life is gone. golden stuff right there.

READ TIPPING POINT—seriously, one of my favorite books. hands donw. and i used to not read like ever. but really, it talks about stuff like why people are pushed over tipping to decisions and repsonse to epidemics in fashion, social stuff, etc. aaaamazing. but anyway, i was wondering too where that tipping point is for them to either acceopt that knowing mroe stuff wont really benefit them (lie) or bucjk uop and get exicxted for round 3 (or 4) of their life. there are ppl who are apathetic and ppl who arent, young and old ppl. but the moderates–what effects them from becming on one or the other side? thats powerful

we talked aboutside (the class) about soime of this stuff and lok at mayos and tricias blog for good reasaerch and emmas for what it means to be a design – oh and remember to write down what it means to be a designer–also, my powerbook died. 😦 but maybe not cuz davuid said i can cpr it with some chord that of course wasnt in my box of rnadom but occasional use chords. wow, 5 topics from one. but right we talked about lkayering an object with info so it is advertised one way but it is also heloing another could be completly different iussue that may be embarrassing to state obviously. or like how the visual impared store thing was blatent with theior giant numbers and calendars and sutff shouting you have a problem and here solutions, which is ok i guess since it does solve, but we cna make it more creative. majke it deisnged. ex =

  • pill box, keeping track of pills (but really also for seeeing days of week)
  • radar detector for really detecting police
  • wii-gamer game or also a way to lower obesity (it really did help a lot of ppl loose weight–eps. those gamers—pwned
  • chris said you could market that tip[ping diff aroma candle as aromatic and green and w/e but also its an altertaive to a visual or audio cued time giver
  • did i say pwned in a blog? 2 things i tried to avoid – nerdness and oober-trendy. thats a toofer
  • and if its a good product ahdn down adn you help lots of ppl (more of a gnerealized audience) and only helps the underying intent 30$% of the time, its still a success you know

comparison with old ppl adbn kids (soft stuff, fear or falling, want but can take care of, depends and diapers…:))

look up black forrest cake and GRANola – homemade. suggestiosn from the guy-still dont know his name,

also its easy to get tunnel visioned i guess with all caught up in a good idae, good packaging, good logo and marketing adn all that—but in the end its just a good looking crap tasting dog food product. i was gonna do stuff with medication and stuff, but when i tlaked to my grandparenst they were like we dont really have a problem taking them cuz if we dont, we die. touche. dont dive into something that has all the frills and decoration but under neath its jst crap dressed up. better to have a simmple good idea in need of enhancements then a crap ideas with crazxy good attachments.

wow. iu might edit this later. but its time for bed.


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