Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 11, 2008

arch speech

so 2 architects cam to talk to the COA (mainly just a’s) tonight and it was pretty good. i’ll write more formalized since i hated reading faulkner. some highlights to look up:

clemson’s automtive building

OSU architecture building

similarities with id and arch: affecting ppl (power/responsibilty thing again)

i wanna be a practical poet — or a poetic practi..c. cuz a lot of what i heaard from the ppls’ quesitons was bs. straight up. wish i wrote some of their questiosn down (i remember the :”what is the most beautiful thing in the wiorld to you?” – glad the hguy had a snese of humor) but they were drawn out with huge words (theyve gotten to them) and semingly insoghtful thoguths but really i was like what the hell are they asking?

ex = taking from external such as environment adn its envelope, as well as internal with psychological cue s and, and so forth, what are some of the key elementray notices you as a designer and particpate,…really, uh, reall gain and pull form as you take it all in to create your individual and group expeirence you do?

translation = whats your inspiration. thank ghod id is more direct.

i liked the guys said that affecting the individual 9thinking of people are persons) as well as affecting teh group (the users as a whole) is EQUALLTY uimportant. cool.


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