Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 8, 2008

proj 2 thoughts

UPLOAD PICS YO [arch libe wouldnt let me]

just to digify my thoughts from friday’s discussion:

i was originally gonna go with either

  1. eating/ food prep [infrared cooking? sequential cooking so everything comes out same temp? replace tupperware/etc]
  2. showering [that was what my gramps said they were doing [awkward] when i called them–well, my grandad was helping my granmad wash apparently cuz she’s not too mobile. mixed feelings of pity and of grossed out during that convo…i called back later :). but maybe entire system of washing with thoughts about dispensing shampoo/etc, and re-think and beautify handles and levers and stuff into streamline experience and not the current slap on white cheap stuff to help old people]
  3. exercise [the best medication is prevention right? so is there a way to encourage older people to become or stay more active so they can put off needing the nursing home for a few years due to good health. see pic of exersizing thing thats weird and cool

right. so but this was all before teh class talk in our uje cubby hole. highlights from our talk:

  • tech computation:
  •      physical switches
  •      monitors – green screens
  •      GUI [mac, pc, etc. mac is better]
  •      –> physical items that embody –> form COMMUNICATES function
  •      i’m not suer what david was talking about here
  • look at context
  • avoid FEATURE CREEP [ex = 5 in one level/pad/ruler/etc]. too bad my favorite thing is a pocket knife. that FC to the max. but whatever. how about UNnecessary feauture creep.

Albert says:

Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”


  • use multiple mediums of info gathering if needed – ex = pilots get vibrations on back or taste something differerent when something happens so they won’t get sensory overload with just looking and hearing.
  • use references that they remember/relate too – know the audience [baby boom / post ww2 / know about the depression / hands-on / industrial revolution / not information-cell phone age / story & people oriented vs networking through tech’gy]. familiarity.
  • combo of auto/custom [there when you need it, AUTO mode, but also a mode where if you wanna do it yourself you can –> pride + convenience] ex = vtec engine. best of both.
  • creative embedding. not tricking them, but being intentional and rational about design decisions.

:: look for more quotes on simplicity. cuz i found more. >>


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