Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 3, 2008

Change of Mind

I realized a few things during the review. i think it was a cumulation (?) of stuff from the summer, getting back into studio, and the review itself. i see that our projects are not just short term; they’re not just quizzes that you cram for and then forget about. this is long term, big picture. everything you do/learn/experiment with here (in class or not) is adding to your observations and knoweldge for later when it really counts. i know people in studio who dont wanna be a product engineer or know all about manufactured part, some don’t really wanna go into product design at all. but we all love the design process, and the logical/emotional combo that we call our major.

it makes stuff like vacuum forming go from something i might have to do to something i wanna do. comparison’s aside, we’re really blessed with all the equipment and resources we have here. we should soak it up and try to use it all, even when it’s not project time. it can only help. porjects aren’t a one-shot, done. they’re a work in progress and they’re all preparation.

no such thing as isolated event. everything, good and bad, effects something in some way. why not make this year the best it can be, why not feel the responsibilty that is designer’s of creating and affecting people’s very lives. be a steward of this pressure.

i dont know, maybe im gettin a little stirred up with all this, but its good to realize it and put the lens of a “grateful, curious student who wont be here forever” on instead of a “i’ll just get it done and w/e student” lens. i still believe in balances and i’m still playing football in the rain and hanging out with friends and not living in studio, but i have a new sense of excitement and responsibility towards this path i’ve chosen.

i’m real glad we got ot hear from outside people; there’s something about hearing the same and new stuff from new people that confirms some of the questions with design. most of it really is legit (gestault, research, scketching, communication, etc) and a lot of people use it. it really is good to have other people comment on your stuff.

sweet. nice little design vent.



  1. s o l i d

  2. good tip i also had an epiphany of: going to bed before 4 am…

  3. good thoughts missy. I’ve been catching the same vibe lately.

  4. 🙂

  5. I dig it

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