Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 2, 2008


welp, i took lots of notes from the presentation on friday but i left them at studio, so i’ll get back with my thoughts on how it went/my project improvement ideas/the reviewers.

but today, all i got is i love the lake cuz i just came back and i really think itd be awesome to design sports equipment that you test–i slalomed, wakeboarded, and barefooted. well, tried to barefoot. lots of bruises. but itd be cool to see and test and find the science behind these performance actitivies and try them out myslef—awesome. simple stuff can be improved cuz a lot of stuff on a boat and the whole experience is more of “i’ve done this before” mehcanics and it takes the novice some time to figure out how parts go together or fit on or come off, etc. WHICH brings up a good point about how there is some pride/showing of who knows what theyre doing cuz of remembering versus just a good product that doesnt show previous exposure to it. not sure which is better, but i guess the “good product” that communicates how it works.


but thats an interesting thought.

k sweet, see you next post. tomorrow


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