Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | September 2, 2008

about the review of friday

i have a lot of semi-random notes, so bear with me. first–if i wanna post stuff about life or w/e, not related to design stuff, can i have it be in a folder where it doesnt show up on this long list of posts i’ve accumulated? the longer is gets the less i would wanna read it if i were a reader. maybe sub-division is good. i’ll check it out.

*illustrator – wanna learn some stuff about it cuz i have ?s when i’m making my board but forget to write them down. a few = if i draw 2 separate shapes over a picture and want BOTH to be the clipping mask, it wont do it, even if i group them. another, what does overlay/rasterize/mesh/etc really mean? i feel like i’m not using the I to its potential. also, i save pics to drop in and later at different computer it says can find it and i can’t replace it. where should i save? i’ll find out sometime

*comments with actual review:               show the PROBLEM — maybe more emphasis on solution since that is the point, but make sure to exentuate (?) the problem and not just praise the good idea. we need to be frusterated with activity before you show us the solution. more frames / story board maybe

me = SKETCHING. i need to sketch better or show a different style of quick but pro-looking sketching. if i have a good board and nice graphs/graphics/renderings, and then a lower level sketch group, it brings the whole board down. THE LEVEL OF THE BOARD IS ROUGHLY TO THE LOWEST LEVEL OF GRAPHIC ON IT. so don’t bring the good down b/c of a not so good.

also, present the IDEA first—i didnt introduce it. i mean it was hanging there on display, but i guess introduce anyway.

have a working title–laundry tube? (i know)

show tests of washing clothes in the tube and if cleanliness is =, research dryers/dry clean dryer with the bags in them

my ideas about it:

have into board — i saw a few, where the whole board is kinda like a title board with name of proj and pic and a little writing; follows format of other boards

i like beige/light colored/diff thickness strips for background–mine are always white. then you have to cut out your pics but thats ok

i liked emma’s protype–good ex of having an example (of cardboard) without letting material and catual model get in the way of demonstration.

i liked the blond reviewer’s comments (who worked for onportable grills) a lot because they made sense/weren’t BS, and were fairly thourough. i liked the other ones too a lot–glad we have OUTSIDE people and not just a show-and-tell for our own class.

me and chris thought of a sweet slogan. he said something about his mind not in tune…so i said “tune your mind to the station of design”. i know, right. awesome. 🙂 haha

also good on emmas–> lifecyle of the spoon/fork/seeded packaging. showed how it was good for manufacturing, using, and after-use. i just covered b4 and during. good work.

i’m worndering on mine how i would attach the hamper maybe more simply. i like it kinda, but i feel there could be a better way than just pulling the drawstring up to go on lip of hanger thing. i’ll think about it. remember: still have to go through with washer idea.

also i’m excited cuz i have to do laundry soon and i don’t have a hamper. but i do now.

overall–good advice and awesome reviewers and great projects. on to the next, while still considering this project a little i guess


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