Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | August 28, 2008

project one still

welp. its thursday. im in class, studying for my next class cuz i gots a quiz in materials. anyway, ive made most of the hamper

damn, just remembered i need a white zipper.

…and workin on story board. im gettin stuff done and try to be efficient. have layout for boards done, just have to do it.

excited about molding my plastic form w/ heat gun to rod. i ghetto-rigged a study model with a coil stovetop…it was fun melting stuff though.

plus, just got some sweet white striped pants for the prez. not quite as tight as davids, but theyre close


remind me to flesh out my egg washer idea cuz i think it really could be great–for portfolio + life. i want to do it, but i need to work out water sealing and curved hinge and non soapy camping soap and water distillers and crank tests of human strength/etc. but it could work.


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