Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | August 25, 2008

whole foods

well, i really like whole foods stores and i think they’re a good example of “whole design”–meaning they thought of the entire experience.

the layout is good, the shopping carts have a built-in container for flowers, the fruit/vegetables are presented in a “fresh”er way, the signage is awesome, the way they display the meats and seafood with seasoning makes raw even look good, and they even have some waterfall feature behind one of the stands for asparagus. i think they used slate. also, the aisles have a curve in them every once in a while to jut out a little instead of all flat aisles. im not talking about interior design, but just the whole design of whole foods. the really got the “entirty” concept down.

also, apple. ingenius in simplicity (how to use the interface and on the outside).

presentation is everything


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