Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | August 25, 2008

design for other 90%

awesome. lifestraw is my favorite—uses energy of sucking through the straw to filter water from stream to your mouth.

basically a really good idea about how we design for like 10% of the population of the world and how we can use our engineering/creative minds to help out other places too. its not bad to design ipods and$200 sunglasses, but its also really cool to think about a simple product that carries water easier for ppl.

i also like it isnt charity products–the stuff they made for these 3rd world countries are for SALE, meaning the people have to buy them. that increases how long the stuff with last cuz the owner had to buy it, plus its not a hand-out, AND the company/person who made this product can actually get a profit. one product, the irrigation system, improved crops by 5x, but cost about a weeks food. the family had to skimp on some meals for a month but then were able to eat more and sell more and make more later. delayed gratification. i love these ideas/movement. check out the site



  1. No Way!!! I just found out about this on Sunday and have done some research on it. It is awesome! To bad it doesn’t filter out giardia for US hiker though. Check out this site which I think is an even better solution for Africa:

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