Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | August 23, 2008

1st week

sooo, not on a really design standpoint, but more just college, i decided to use this blog as also a semi journal to put some highlights of college.

so i live in the ccf house with my friend steph, and i think 12 other girls. its pretty sweet, good location and it was swings out front. i got new quitar strings that apparently are a sucky brand, but w/e. i know 6.5 songs but i learned a new one. im excited.

thursday i saw lucky number sleven on a date and im pretty sure its in my top 5 now. with men in black, gladiator, braveheart, boondock saints. and others. like office space. and the rock. huh.

but then friday a bunch of ppl, mostly from ccf, went to piedmont park in the hurrican but not really weather and messed around with frisbee (which is real tricky w/ the whole wind thing) and me and steph played soccer with 2 homeless guys – who had some FOOTwork! they were good. and some kid swam in the lake. sick.

last night there was a get-together at a few guys’ house and it was pretty fun- me and steph dressed up with togas, cuz, its college. isnt every party a toga party? and we alsmot played water pong. we got totally hydrated. it was awesome. 🙂 2.5 months till 21!


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