Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | August 20, 2008

thoughts – proj 1

soooo..about this project. i understand it (ish) and have been asking people’s thoughts on their frusterations with products/activities/etc to get my mind going, but its trickier than just described. usually i think in terms of adding a new product thats better, and replaces the old one (or adding on to it). but to make something that had you not need another product kinda is the clincher. ive thought about stuff with making it easier to get ready for life in the morning, and sinks that dont get crazy water spillage from turning them on and off with wet hands…but doesnt seem to replace much. except annoyance

ive come up with the problem of washing/drying clothes cuz i feel like this task is mildy to fairly annoying. especially in the target of college to young singles (with laundry mats). we’ll see how it goes. kinda just going off this one idea…i wish we had to come up with 3 directions and pick em, but i guess we’re growing up. 

although the client would give a direction, wouldn’t they?

aright. class time


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