Posted by: Carolyn Stewart | August 19, 2008

First Post

Well, this is my first post, as this title might have suggested. I’m excited about hopefully keeping this up, and I hope it doesn’t turn into a diary syndrom–where you start it and plan to keep doing it, and then you write in it like 2 years later…:( buuut, that wasn’t for a grade. and this is. so it might have a leg up on this syndrom. syndrome?


i’m having a little trouble figuring out what i wanna do for this upcoming project. usually this happens cuz i get focused on having such a ballin idea that i cant see all the potential in the little ones. we’ll see though.  i’ll think about stuff and get back to ya.


in the meantime, you should go outside cuz it might be really pretty out there. 62% sure.




  1. Hey girl! This is a great venue for you:) Yes, it’s syndrome:) I can be your ‘proof-reader’ as I am for Griffin! I don’t charge for family:) love you!

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